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Special Dining Experience

Mandy Volpe - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Join your Millennium Center Master Chef Jean-Claude Seruga and Chef Justin Yazdizk at YUM-YUM International Tapas Night. Thurs, Mar 24, 6-8 pm.

We are $2500 shy of the $10,000 artist fee is left to raise for a bicycle-inspired public work of art next to an elementary school in The Tree Streets Neighborhood. Come join us! And help spread the word.

What: YUM-YUM, The Power of the Bite featuring International Tapas
When: Thursday, March 24, 6-8 pm
Where: Nelson's Fine Art Center, Downtown JCity, 324 E Main St
What: 11 businesses participating providing tapas from around the world.

Two wine tickets
Proceeds towards a bicycle-inspired public work of art.
Tickets: $20 in advance/$25 week-of (300 tickets for sale)
at Nelson Fine Art Center or

MORE INFO: Virginia Buda 423-833-8474, ARTLANDIA.ORG
Facebook: Artlandiajc

Cooking Up A Storm

Mandy Volpe - Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This past weekend, The Millennium Centre participated in the March of Dimes 75th Anniversary Signature Chef's Auction. The event took place in Knoxville, TN at the Convention Center with over 500 attendees. 

Chef Jean-Claude and Sous Chef Justin prepared a "Japalachain" menu combining the best of Oriental & Appalachian cuisine.  They competed against twenty other chefs and were a big hit. 

Meet the Chef: Jean-Claude Seruga

Mandy Volpe - Wednesday, September 04, 2013

When asked how Chef Jean-Claude Seruga got his start he will attribute his love for cooking to his mother. He loved to spend time in the kitchen watching her cook. He was always volunteering, event at the early age of 4 to help his mom with the meal prep.


He got his first taste of working in a restaurant at the age of 14. He was in the kitchen of Chistera just outside Paris where for the first year he cleaned and peeled vegetables. During his time at Chistera, the executive chef tried to discourage Chef Seruga to avoid becoming a chef because of the long hours, no family life, and zero holidays.

Despite the urging to choose a different career path, he apprenticed in France. At 16 he joined Les Compagnons du Tour de France , an association of chefs who train you for 6 months and then rotate to another chef until you feel comfortable to be a solo chef.

Seruga comments that his favorite meal to cook during his time off depends on the audience.

“If it’s only for my wife and my kids, anything breakfast. Especially omelets. You can be so creative with eggs and whatever you have in the refrigerator. If some friend are coming to visit , I like to show off from time to time and make dishes that I know you can’t find anywhere around”.

Chef Seruga is the creative mind behind the menu selection and recipe creation at the Millennium Center. He makes it a point to add his own special touch to traditional recipes, even if the chefs he formally trained under get mad at his habit of veering from the recipe.

To learn more about Chef Jean-Claude Seruga check out his profile: