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Mandy Volpe - Thursday, January 19, 2017
Have you found yourself engaged with a new shiny rock on your left hand? Congratulations! We have many Sodexo Conferencing properties that would serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding. From outdoor gardens to indoor ballrooms, we can make your wedding day dreams come true. Contact a property near you, today, to get started with your event planning.

Balloons as Decor

Mandy Volpe - Saturday, December 31, 2016
Balloons are making a huge statement in 2017 for events. While balloons can be associated with children's parties, elegant uses of latex and helium balloons are popping up everywhere. Here are a few ideas for incorporating this trend, with a twist, into your next event:


Use balloons as an extension of your brand. Have balloons imprinted win your logo so that branding is visible everywhere in the room. Balloons with logos can also be used as backdrops when layered in rows.


Balloon arches are not the newest trend, but many event planners have been putting a twist on this old standby. Mix in large balloons with smaller balloons for a variety of interest. Also for arches, instead of doing a traditional horse-shoe shape, have your balloon arch cascade across an entry way and incorporate fresh flowers. The contrast between the cascading balloons and the flowers will leave your guests inspired with a fresh spin on event decor.

Table Decor

While balloon clusters on a table can be seen as simple, branch out with your balloons by creating table runners. Use balloons in varying miniature sizes and attach them across the table as a runner. This works well on long tables so that the balloons draw your eye across the room.


What other ideas do you have for using balloons for events?

3 Tips for Creating Event Surveys

Mandy Volpe - Friday, December 30, 2016
How will you gain feedback from your event attendees regarding the success of your event? We wanted to provide you with a few ideas regarding surveys so that you can accurately take the temperature of the overall satisfaction of your guests.

Consider how often you will distribute a survey. Maybe you will create a short survey to hand out after each session. These short surveys could cover the overall satisfaction of the content, length, and speaker. Make sure these short surveys are taken up at the end of the session so that you have immediate feedback for your event team as well as the speaker.  Another option for distribution would be to send a survey electronically at the end of the meeting. After the meeting is over, email a quick thank you and include the link to a survey. The easier it is to find your survey, the more likely that it will be filled out.

Incentivize your attendees to take your survey by providing a gift card entry or discount to next years meeting. Include a space on your survey for your attendees to fill out their name and email so that you can easily contact the winner.

Open Ended Answers
Ask questions that have space for comments. Rating a meeting element on a scale of 1 to 5 can be helpful for future planning, but the real results come from comments. Allow your attendees to rate the question but also leave a space or box for them to provide comments on ways to improve in the future.

Keep in mind that people love to know that their opinions are heard and valued. Once you review the survey results, if you implement any suggestions, make it known at the next event that improvements have been made as a result of the surveys that were filled out.

Tis the Season to Party

Mandy Volpe - Friday, December 23, 2016
Our venues have been busy with holiday parties and celebrations that focus on the excitement of this time of the year. Check out the most recent holiday party at Chase on the Riverfront in Delaware. Thank you to all of the clients and vendors who choose to make meeting memories with Sodexo Conferencing Properties.

2017 Color of the Year Ideas

Mandy Volpe - Monday, December 19, 2016
Pantone just released their 2017 color of the year. The "greenery" color will certainly lend well to meeting and event decor. The greenish yellowish tint will pop up in florals to centerpieces and beyond. Here are a few ideas to get your planning started for 2017 meetings so that you can incorporate the color of the year.

Create a custom backdrop or photo booth wall of fresh greenery. Incorporate a wall made entirely of succulents or live moss. Utilize uplighting to cast a glow upon the wall in order to fully showcase the color. Make sure that any large wall or backdrop includes your event logo for optimal brand recognition.

Weave nature and elegance into your centerpieces. You can do this for your event by simply placing potted greenery around event tables, gathering succulents onto a tree slab, or combining sheets of moss with golden vases. Bringing the outdoors into the interior decor will prove to be a hot trend for 2017. 

Fun with Food
Include the greenery Pantone color in your food selection. Work with a Sodexo catering property to select foods that highlight the yellow-green hue. From salads, to side dishes, to desserts... the possibilities are endless. You could do pistachio crusted salmon or chocolate covered key lime popsicles. Find ways to include asparagus, avocado, or edamame on your menu so that you can enjoy fresh elements in the green color.

Featured Location: Fanshawe College

Mandy Volpe - Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Experience the unique locations of Sodexo Conferencing Properties. Fanshawe College is located in London, Ontario and offers year round conference services. They offer one-stop-shop coordination to ensure that your event goes smoothly one point of contact. Check out this picture to catch a glimpse at the 100 classrooms, 10 lecture theatres and 3 gymnasiums available for meeting rentals.

3 Reasons to Choose Sodexo Conferencing

Mandy Volpe - Tuesday, November 29, 2016
3 reasons to choose a Sodexo Conferencing property for your next meeting location:

Many of the Sodexo Conferencing properties offer Day Meeting Packages that include catering, meeting space, and technology.

Our venues feature Sodexo quality food for all guests. Many properties feature continuous breaks and food service. Options for dining include seated meals as well as cafe style dining.

Professional Staff:

Our experienced staff include event professionals who understand meeting needs. They pay attention to detail and remain calm under pressure. They understand that flexibility is key in meeting space and are always thinking one step ahead to ensure a high quality event is delivered for guests.

Each venue differs slightly, but you will notice the same great quality of service and professionalism across the board. Check out the properties page to see more venues near you.

Holiday Themed Event Alternatives

Mandy Volpe - Monday, November 28, 2016

As an event planner, you have been tasked with planning a corporate Holiday party without being too focused on one theme over another. Here are a few themed party ideas without being too specific towards one holiday over another.

Greenery focus:
Use poinsettias or olive garland to create a beautiful and elegant centerpiece. Also incorporate these elements into the welcome tables in the lobby or the podium.

Color choice:
Steer away from red and veer towards the blues or silver themed decoration. Utilize candles and twinkle lights for a white glow around the room.

Incorporate the seasonal weather:

Offer guests an unusual atmosphere with snow and ice. Elements that showcase the weather such as an ice sculpture or snow themed photo booth backdrop will certainly entertain your guests without being solely focused on the holiday season.

What additions would you add to this list that you have successfully tried for your events?

Creative Food Displays

Mandy Volpe - Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sodexo Conferencing properties believe that events should be memorable. We enjoy seeing how our properties are inspired to create unique dining experiences for guests. Check out the recent set-up for Chase Center on the Riverfront. They incorporated Chinese take-out boxes and wok stations to heighten the culinary experience for the Delaware Antique Show.



Event Spotlight: Chase Center Wedding

Mandy Volpe - Friday, October 28, 2016

Last weekend the team at the Chase Center hosted the wedding for Mr. & Mrs. Greg Magee. Congratulations to the couple on their special day. The Sodexo family would like to wish the couple a lifetime of marital happiness. Here is a glimpse into their catered reception.